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Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination 2020

August 12, 2020

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals(TVA) in collaboration with Social Action Movement(SAM) is providing FREE Anti- Rabies Vaccination to dogs on 28th September, between 9 am - 5 pm @ We Care Clinic, located near Old Camp 2, near lake, Kailashpura, Bylakuppe.

Bring your pet dog or adopted stray dogs to get vaccinated for healthy and safe for all.


DAAP Co-ordinator visits its Beneficiaries

December 12, 2019

Under Social Assistance Wing, Mr. Penpa Sangpo, Secretary cum coordinator of DAAP - Distance Aged-old Adoption Program visits beneficiaries of the program to provide financial assistance and assist their needs.

SAM under Social Assistance wing, they take care of 16 seniors who are single or do not have any source of financial assistance.

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New Year Wishes from Executive Director of SAM

December 24, 2020

Dear Friends of Social Action Movement,

Tashi Delek !

At the outset, I on behalf of the Executive Members of SAM would like to extend our warmest Greetings to you and your family members Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in advance.

The year 2020 is completely a different one. Never expected that such thing would ever come on our way. The whole world is badly shaken due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many precious lives are lost. Millions witnessed fear and upset. The global economic has come to a standstill. A year past since the deadly virus originated from China. Still the vaccine hasn't developed yet. But the wonderful well- wishers of SAM stepped- in and shown their continuous support and brought smiles to many of its beneficiaries. The kind souls are highly commendable for your great thoughts and farsightedness.

We remain indebted to your generous contribution extended to these needy people till date and we are sincerely hopeful that your wonderful gesture will pour in the near future.

As a part of social assistance, wards/ beneficiaries of our NGO are physically met quarterly by our executive members and hand over their stipend. The reports and receipts are right away informed to the concerned sponsors via social media.

Recently a ward passed away after a prolong illness. Proud to inform you that all the necessary formalities like rituals, prayers, offerings & funeral procession were conducted on time.

Having reached the general election of Sikyong & Parliamentarians at the threshold, SAM in it's own way conducting both online & offline signature petition/ campaign in order to set up a Local Tibetan Assembly in both Lugsam & TDL Settlements. Folks, with their heads on the shoulders came forward in numbers and signed the document.

Appreciation for your unwavering support.

We believe in the words " more hands make light work"

Your physical and moral supports are mattered. We have one life. Always use it productively.

With warm regards

Namgyal Chomphel
Executive Director


Grand party to Seniors an Expression of Gratitude

July 5, 2017

The first generation of Tibetan in exile is fading away with the passing time. Soon the complete responsibility will be on the shoulders of younger generation. There are so much to learn from the elders as they have done their part soon after taking refuge in India. Our parents may not be around now but we also give due respect to all senior citizens.

For the fifth consecutive years, SAM under its wing's Social Assistance has been actively organizing or collaborating "Trunkar party" to seniors of Old Aged home and Palmo's Elderly home, Bylakuppe. Since 2016, with the contribution from the Class of 90's - CST Bylakuppe, they have been hosting party to seniors. Thanks to donors, volunteers and Sera Jhe school staffs.

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Postponement of Trunkar party for senior due to COVID-19

June 16, 2020

This is just to let you know that the Yearly Trunkar Party for the Senior Citizens residing in Old & Aged Homes, Bylakuppe has been postponed to December 2020.

Knowing the prevailing situation in India in general ( 308,993 confirmed cases) and Karnataka State( 6516) in particular, the above decision has been taken.

Nobel Peace Prize Day is celebrated every year on 10th December. Taking this occasional event into account, the elderly folks will have to wait for four to five more months before the grand party is organised.

In terms of weather, December is always better as we can escape from monsoon miseries and this year the pandemic has shaken the whole world unprecedentedly.

Yearly Trunkar Party for the popo las & momo las was initially initiated by SAM in 2013 with several volunteers from Camps & Sera Staffs. A couple of years later this NGO collaborated with Class of 1990's members and successfully conducted thereafter. Till date, we managed to organise jointly for 5 years in a row. This is indeed a feather in our cap.

We all know it is quite easy for any task to begin but hard to carry out till the end. Therefore, SAM would like to extend your kind cooperation in the years to come. By now, we are aware that we are doing only social services for an underprivileged section in our own community. So, there is nothing to politicize here.

Thank you all and Stay safe everyone.


Dog Rescue Project in India

October 16, 2019

Dog Rescue Project: A Compassionate approach for the wellbeing of Animals. The project will aim to rescue stray dogs from road accidents and reach out for medical emergencies to save stray dogs in and around Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe.

Rinchen Lhaze is an animal activist and vegan promoter. He has been working for Tibetan Volunteers for Animals since its inception. His love and compassion for animals have been unconditional and inspiring.
He has dedicated his time and expertise in treating injured stray dogs, giving shelter to homeless dogs at his backyard, providing a free anti-rabies vaccination. Besides, he educates and promotes vegan in India and particularly in Tibetan refugee settlements for more than ten years.

The funds will go to buy a van for rescuing dogs and medical emergencies purposes. So that rescued animals can live until someone can adopt them. Many studies show that there is a mutual benefit where human and animal builds a relationship which influences the health and wellbeing of human being and animals as well. So, Say 'Yes' to adopt animals and be compassionate to them.

The vehicle will be under the registration of Tibetan Volunteers for Animals and will be the property of the organisation.

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